Fall 2022 Grant Results

fall 2022 Grant Results

Our team at the CGFC is pleased to announce our Fall 2022 Grant Recipients.


In this application cycle, we received over 23 applications from all across Canada. This cycle continued to highlight the need for resources for grieving children in Canada.


We are delighted to fund two projects across Canada.


Congratulations to Mission Hospice Society and NB Copes Child & Family Grief Centre on your successful projects!


Thank you so much to all of our generous donors for providing financial support to projects that will benefit hundreds of children in Canada. These programs would not have been available to grieving children without your support.

Camp “White Heart” for Grieving Youth

Currently, in New Brunswick, there are no services offered for youth experiencing the loss of someone by suicide.
This is a youth program for those experiencing the loss of a family member by suicide. The program involves a weekend retreat facilitated by grief therapists who have experience supporting grieving children and youth. Youth will participate in activities that include a peer support group, art therapy, music therapy, outdoor activities, and mindfulness. After the weekend retreat, a monthly follow-up program will be offered to keep youth connected.
They aim to promote a sense of inclusion for youth experiencing stigma and isolation around suicide loss while helping them connect with other youth experiencing loss by suicide.

Child & Youth Grief Programs

In Mission British Columbia, there is limited children’s and youth grief support. This area is home to many at-risk populations, who sadly, have seen multiple losses, many of which have been traumatic.

This 8-week program will support two grief support groups – one for children and one for youth. Both programs will include age-based activities for children and youth to share their experiences, such as art therapy, play-based therapy, field trips and outdoor activities. Parents and caregivers will also receive guidance for supporting grieving kids and youth at home.
Their aims include: helping children and youth understand that they are not alone in their grief and that others have also experienced loss. They want to emphasize that support is available to help them.