Fall 2023 Grant Results

Fall 2023 Grant Results

The CGFC team is excited to share the news of the Fall 2023 Grant Recipients.


Throughout this application cycle, we received numerous applications from diverse regions across Canada, underscoring the critical need for resources dedicated to supporting grieving children in our country.


We are delighted to allocate funding to three outstanding projects spanning different parts of Canada.


Heartfelt congratulations to Hope House Community Hospice, Central Okanagan Hospice Association, and Crossroads Hospice Society for the success of their impactful projects!


Our deepest gratitude goes to all our generous donors for their invaluable financial support. It is through your generosity that these programs become accessible to numerous grieving children across Canada.


Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Our Hearts into Arts

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, recent statistics reveal a notable increase in bereavement among youth in North America. Many grieving youth and young adults often feel misunderstood by their peers, leading them to seek connections with those who have undergone similar experiences. Recognizing this need, Crossroads Hospice Society introduces “Hearts into Arts,” a series of art-based support groups tailored for grieving peers.


The Hearts into Arts program aims to address the challenges faced by grieving youth by offering (a) opportunities for peer connections, (b) art activities to explore grief, and (c) an introduction to new coping tools. Art has been chosen as a transformative pathway for this expression, acknowledging the diverse range of mediums available to cater to various grieving individuals. Through “Hearts into Arts,” they strive to offer a supportive and creative space for young individuals to connect, share, and navigate their grief journey together.

Child and Youth Grief and Bereavement Programs

As the sole organization in Central Okanagan providing compassionate care, comfort, and support to individuals of all ages facing the challenges of dying or grieving alone in the community, Central Okanagan Hospice Association plays a vital role. The increase in unexpected deaths related to mental health and overdose crises in our country has led to more complex cases of grief, particularly among children and youth.

COHA’s project aims to expand its current programming. This expansion will offer a greater number of local children and youth access to timely and relevant grief and bereavement support. Included in this initiative are one-to-one professional grief counselling and expressive Art Activity nights tailored specifically for the unique needs of youth.

Emotional Wellness Kits for Grieving Children Project

In the City of Richmond Hill, Township of King, and Town of Aurora within York Region, there exists a notable deficiency in support services for bereaved children, as underscored by feedback from school boards and parent groups.


To address this gap, Hope House Community Hospice is launching a new bereavement support program for children. This program will be implemented through local schools and parent groups, fostering a vital connection between home and school or community organizations while enhancing children’s access to age-appropriate grief resources. Hope House Community Hospice aims to alleviate the impact of loss on children by providing individually tailored Emotional Wellness Kits, uniquely crafted for each child. These kits will serve as valuable tools in aiding children to cope with grief and supporting them on their healing journey. Comprising a range of grief activities, the kits will prove to be an invaluable resource for parents, school administrators, grief counsellors, and volunteer grief companions alike.