Spring 2024 Grant Results

Spring 2024 Grant Results

The CGFC team is thrilled to announce the recipients of our Spring 2024 grants! We were overwhelmed by the applications we received from across Canada, which truly highlights the national need for resources to support grieving children.


We are delighted to award funding to three exceptional projects from various regions of Canada: Victim Services Niagara, Parkgate Society, and Alberta Parenting for the Future Association.


These impactful projects will make a significant difference in the lives of grieving children.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our generous donors whose financial support is essential. Because of your contributions, these vital programs can reach grieving children across Canada.


Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The HUG (Help Understand Grief) Project

Victim Services Niagara recognizes the critical need to support children and youth experiencing immediate grief after a tragedy. The Help Understand Grief Project (HUG) aims to bridge this gap by equipping crisis responders with the knowledge and tools to effectively support young people. HUG kits, filled with age-appropriate materials like sensory activities, reflective journals, storybooks about grief, resources for parents, memorialization activities, and emotional regulation toys, will provide immediate comfort and resources for grieving children, helping them begin the healing process.

Good Grief - Youth Bereavement Peer Support Program

Parkgate Society’s Good Grief program tackles the challenges young people face when dealing with loss. It aims to create a safe space for open conversations about death, dying, grief, and mental health. This peer support program is designed for youth aged 10-18 and facilitated by trained bereavement specialists. Through group discussions, activities, and experience sharing, Good Grief empowers young people to dismantle stigmas surrounding grief, explore healthy coping mechanisms, and connect with others who understand their struggles.

Supporting Children Through Grief

Recognizing the lack of grief support resources in rural Alberta, particularly for children, youth, and their families, the Alberta Parenting for the Future Association is launching a free grief support program. This initiative will provide three 7-week support groups specifically for children and youth aged 8-16, along with a separate 4-week group for parents, caregivers, and guardians. These groups aim to address the critical need for support in their Tri-Region by fostering resilience and strengthening connections within families and the community.