Who We Are

We are a non-profit charitable organization that raises funds to distribute to Canadian registered charities that support children’s bereavement. Our team is made up of community members who have all been touched by the impact of children’s grief.

Why Children’s Grief?

  • 1 in 14 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the age 18. Children are often the “forgotten mourners” at the time of death.

  • A childhood bereavement can have a significant impact on a child’s emotional and cognitive development. Without proper grief support, children may struggle and experience mental health challenges and have difficulty coping with death in future.

Why do we need more grief programs?

  • In Canada, the current health care system does not adequately resource and provide access to preventative interventions that have the potential to reduce risk and promote wellbeing in children and youth adjusting to the loss of a loved one.


  • There are several organizations that provide children’s grief support. However, these programs do not always run all year round due to a lack of funding. Many of these organizations rely on community donations to carry out these programs. This poses a challenge as some organizations may not have the capacity to continue fundraising each year to support their children’s grief program.


  • Additionally, many children’s grief programs in Canada are in urban areas. Families and children living in rural areas may not have access to affordable grief support.

Our Mission

We want to reduce financial barriers by providing funds to help develop or expand programs that support grieving children and their families.

Twice a year, we release applications where Canadian registered charities can submit a proposal to seek funding.

The Goals of the Foundation

To seek donations and support from caring individuals and organizations in the community.

To assist in expanding and creating programs in Canada that benefit the needs of grieving children and their families.

To fund mental health research of childhood bereavement and its overall impact.

To raise awareness and help educate society about the number of children who are forced into an early grieving journey without any support.

 Values of the Foundation

  • Relationships: to help foster relationships between the bereavement sector and children’s bereavement organization, with applicants at institutions and community organizations

  • Inclusivity and equality: to provide all children and their families with support regardless of how the death of a loved one occurred

  • Support: to provide resources for children and their bereaved families

  • Excellence: supporting excellence in innovation, education and research

A Message from the President

Christina Walton
Mts, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Funeral Director

I have seen many children suffer trauma, of sometimes being the one to find a parent’s body who has died by suicide. These and many other children are afraid and have deep sadness in their young eyes. I cannot look away. It is and has been my purpose, to help them.  They often feel alone and frightened.  In my 31 years as a Funeral Director, 14 years as a Registered Therapist, and 3 years as the Clinical Director for a children’s bereavement camp, I have witnessed the impact of grief and loss on children.

The adults around them are also grieving and the family system is under great strain. These children need and deserve support as they try to live with a devastating loss.

I also know the challenges that the bereavement agencies face as they try to meet the increasing needs of grieving children and do the work well; while also trying to obtain the necessary funds required to run the agency. I personally found it stressful and overwhelming, like trying to drive the hearse and the limo at the same time.

I am ‘one’ in my therapy office; I was part of ‘several’ at Camp, and I stand with ‘many’ in our communities. I know that together, we can help these children.


The Children’s Grief Foundation of Canada relies on the support of our partners and our network of bereavement professionals. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

We acknowledge the traditional territories upon which the CGFC is located is on the traditional territories of the Mississauga and Haudenosaunee nations and within the lands protected by the “Dish with One Spoon” wampum agreement.

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